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Noise Badger – Flow

Warm synths, a flowy atmosphere and a sound that makes you move: that’s “Flow”, the newest track of finnish producer Noise Badger.

To be honest, I learned about this track five hours ago. And there’s already a review on kms on it. Why? Plain and simple: because it’s really good. When it hits the mark, I am quick with pushing tracks out there, because I want to make sure you guys out there hear it asap.

With a lightweight and fun played soft and warm synth melody, this track makes you move right away. In addition with the drum and percussion set the tune creates an atmosphere that just invites you to move. In my case, I sat head-nodding at my desk, but in my opinion “Flow” also is a main floor filler. That’s the sound I wanna hear off of these big trucks on those street raves! (Yes, they still exist! I attended the “Beatparade” last year. Awesome times.)
The signature sound of the finnish producer are these irresistible chopped up vocals he mixes in many of his tracks. These stick to your head almost instantly (well, it did the trick to me), and out of fifty tracks, you would be able to recognize his work due to this signature sound. There it is, folks: that’s making a name for yourself out there. If you create awesome dance music, AND you already found your own style, the only thing that’s left is to get heard by big names out there.

Now to the real interesting part of Noise Badger: we just found out he’s a skilled producer (who told me he does the mixing work all by himself – this is neither easy nor granted). But he also plays the guitar AND produces music on a side project called “Bay City Brothers“. See where this is going? Attention, folks – creative mind alert. This dude isn’t confined to just one straight genre or project. I guess he would do an opera if someone asked him to. Checking out “The Beginning” of the Bay City Brothers, I found that this is a laid back beat with chilled guitar and piano tracks (which reminded me a lot of some movie or videogame background tunes). So, the genre seems not to be an issue with Noise Badger. That really makes me curious what will be next for him.

Noise Badger on youtube
Noise Badger on soundcloud


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