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Aurea Aetas – Little Spring

A mysterious dreamy environment to get lost in.

This song is best enjoyed with the lights dimmed. The sound really feels dreamy and soft, the reverbed backing creates a seemingly endless void that is filled with the addictive ethereal voice of Valentina Liliana Pisarra. Backed by defensive, warm and moody synth and guitar tracks, the singer knows exactly to build a borderline hypnotic atmosphere in which the listener can get lost in.

Going forward with a very slow tempo, the track doesn’t really show you a paved way but rather just the scenery in which the vocals and the instruments exist in. I guess it’s this mysterious environment that triggers my curiosity to dig deeper into the sound. Normally, I like tracks to have a straight structure, a starting point and a direction. (Well, of course I do. I’m a drummer.) It’s not that this song doesn’t have all those things, but in ‘Little Spring’ they serve more than a catalyst for letting your mind wander. Once you entered the atmosphere of the tune, it’s up to you whether you let go.

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Florian Maier

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