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Jake Pinto – Home

Home is where the groove is.

Once again, it’s time to meet the irresistible groove of Jake Pinto. Allow yourself to full-body-groove along that signature ultra-crisp rhythm and sing along the catchy lyrics. In ‘Home’, you’ll find everything to make you feel good today. While the bubbly bass line paves the way for those emotional yet lightweight vocals, there are many almost hidden retro-ish elements in the tune to find, injecting several of these vintage moments into your bloodstream. The lush groove is made to stick to your head instantly.

There’s also this special fun-loving element in there to find. I love the fact that the track doesn’t really care about heavy-hearted stuff, or daily problems, or any of this meaningful stuff. No, for now it’s time to have fun. Pinto tickles the feelgood, sing-along nerve in the listener. The track makes you want to stroll down main street wearing the biggest smile because you know where you’re heading – home.

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Florian Maier

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