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Chrispin – Fake Friends (RTH Remix)

I was desperately looking for some summer tune lately. Something positive, loaded with groove, melody and emotion. Guess my search is over.

The Burundi-born multitalent Chrispin Ngabirama created a honest groovy track that contains this uplifting spirit we really need out there nowadays. The track uses a relaxed beat and catchy melodic backing to make the listener move as soon as the beat hits. The track feels lightweight and sorrow-free, although the message is about letting go of toxic relationships. I love when the message of a song is presented in an unusual form, and the remix of the original reggae-ish track does just that. While the original has a much more emotional approach with more lyrics and moody output, the remix transforms the theme for every dancefloor out there.

The standout element in the track (or the original, for that matter) are these signature vocals of Chrispin. There is this special defensive seen-it-all vibe connected to these vocals, blending the heritage and soul of the singer with an addictive catchy hook. In addition with the bell-ish melody this track is made to stick to your head immediately.

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Florian Maier

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