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Jacqueline Loor – Find Your Way

A tune that makes you dance in the rain, wearing the biggest smile.

The new track of the talented singer/songwriter Jacqueline Loor releases an unusual amount of energy. After several slower ballad releases during the last months, I was starting to wonder if Loor even had what it takes to step on it and deliver an energetic, sassy kickass track. Needless to say, ‘Find Your Way’ shut me up today.

With a lightweight rhythm and a genre-blending mix of processed single tracks along unexpected one-shots, the track feels like a huge relief after being contained to your own four walls over the last months. (Although we still kind of are.) The tune has a certain irresistible ‘you know what? MAKE ME stop.’ vibe attached. Since the beautiful singer is known for her thoughtful and emotional vocal performances, she didn’t go all the way to crazy town with this tune either. She kept the balance between the sassy and fun side AND the more thoughtful, still emotional side of her voice. With this, along a melodic and catchy backing, she created a tune that makes you leave your coat, running out just to dance in the rain smiling. While the world is still struggling on a daily basis, we need this special and of optimistic positivity spread through tunes like this one.

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