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Sucha Leo – Road 110

This, my friends, is the modern cowboy anthem.

You gotta love this guitar pattern happening. With a groovy and relaxed swing in there, the basic pattern is backed by minimal percussion to gain maximum effect. The new release of Lithuanian multitalent Sucha Leo surprises with a lush and almost dirty groove that is attached to a very clean and pristine vocal performance. While the sound feels too less ‘sprinkled with mud’ to be an altrock theme, it has enough futuristic elements to feel like the natural evolution of classic rock and future pop. This hits you like a hammer with the plain awesome instrumental scratch part halfway through the song. How cool is that? That, guys, is a lovechild of two very different genres, and somehow the idea works out perfectly. (Don’t tell me that this – let’s call it – electrocky groove part didn’t make you move!)

Overall, ‘Road 110’ is different. The concept, the execution and the used elements, everything feels strangely different yet exciting, fresh and unique from lush beat to quirky synth melody. This tune is sorely needed fresh air in the musical landscape out there.

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