Glorybots – Wrong

Just remember one thing: You might be wrong.

This track actually is an anthem that everybody out there should hear. And, even more important, understand the message coming with it. The new release of the dark alien pop (their words, not mine) project Glorybots injects both truth and drive in your bloodstream. With a straight rocking base, the tune manages to trigger your mind with a certain hopeless vibe, as if the track would rise for one last attempt to reach out for the listeners before giving up on them. I love this heavy-hearted undertone in there, the vocals manage to upgrade the rocking tune with emotion and passion.

Along this restless, almost desperate melodic setting, ‘Wrong’ builds an intense powerful experience that won’t let you off the hook until the message is delivered. What makes this tune so irresistible is that you actually can hear the tune being serious about its message. This is not your everyday shallow happy rave we’re talking about here. This is a rocking reminder to use your brain.

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Florian Maier

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