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Evandro Dresch – Larks

Composition in its purest form.

For the newest release of Brazilian guitarist Evandro Dresch, I need you to close your eyes while listening. Being an instrumental track, this tune is a versatile multitalent when it comes to telling a story. The skilled guitarist Dresch tells a story with several chapters with just a changing of playing style and pattern, and the melodies transform the surrounding in an almost magical way. This journey isn’t necessarily just about larks though.

So, put on these closed headphones, close your eyes, and think of a special place you like to be. Or about the memories collected over the years that you hold so dear to your heart. Or in my case, think of someone special to you.
Can you feel it? The track is able to bend your imagination around the thought you are focusing on. The several melodic pattern changes are acting like the several facettes of said scenery/memory/person. I love that the melody in this minimalistic surrounding not only reflects all those nuances, but it also transmits all those different mood settings.
This, guys, is composition in its purest form, it’s both notes and feelings written, aiming for the heart and soul. ‘Larks’ leaves the listener with a smile and an uplifting feel, enabling him/her to see the beauty in everything, letting him/her know that in the end everything will be fine.

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