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Vanessa Ondine – Kill Me

Plain jaw-dropping.

What instantly drew my attention was the overall concept of the track taken off the recently released album ‘Your Void’.
‘Kill Me’ is about the mind of a killer. This probably is one of the hardest themes to put into music. The vocals feel ultra-fragile and vulnerable, helpless and emotional in this oddworld-ish void, which has sort of a cold-metallic texture attached. This single piano backing along synthscape arrangements sends shivers down the spine, it feels lost and really desperate in its own way. The overall slow progression really pictures an uncomfortable yet somehow also very exciting scenery, it feels like someone is telling you a story of which you know it’s not going to end well, but you cannot stop listening because you’re too curious about the reasons. This unbelievable intense amount of ‘lonely vibe’ makes you reject AND embrace the feeling at the same time, although you know that what you’re looking at is the mindest of a sick man. It’s brave to even choose such a scenario for a song in the first place, but it’s plain jaw-dropping if you’re able to picture the thoughts in such a perfect manner like Israeli based Vanessa Ondine did. You think the theme is controversial? Absolutely. But that’s the whole point here.

While there is a video of the song available, I chose not to focus on that because of its brutally honest and direct approach, which might be a bit too graphic and disturbing for some of you out there. Consider this a warning, the pictures even hit ME hard – and I like to think of me as a tough one regarding audio/video content.

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