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Estella Dawn – Guilt Is Good Enough

Self-reflection never sounded better.

With a quite basic and clean approach, the track of New Zealand born, Colorado based singer-songwriter Estella Dawn builds a scenery that gives you this half-dark room, a small stage and a single spotlight on the singer. A playful bass line along piano melodies and enchanting synth chords are a great backing without being too dominant in the process. On the contrary, the backing tracks leave the vocals enough room to breathe and develop what I can only describe as a signature-styled exotic glimmer vibe. All the single elements build up some (lets call it) erotic tension which really enables you to feel what the lyrics describe.

Uh, and then there’s that voice. For me, the single most addictive element in this track though is the voice. These soft, pristine and captivating vocals are putting a spell on the listener. There’s this sensitivity involved that makes the feelings shine through, it sends goosebumps down your spine. The amount of soul that is packed into the track is outstanding, especially during the chorus parts when the vocal tracks are harmonized. THIS is how to blend feelings into sound.

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