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Internet Friends. – Kids I Used to Know

This will be sticking to you for a long time. Believe me.

This one brings what I like to call ‘fun melancholy’ to the table. (If there isn’t such a thing, the two guys of Internet Friends. invented it recently.) Coming along the recently released single ‘Telephone Days’, the track feels strangely familiar. The warm and vintage atmosphere of the song is created by addictive laid back melodies done with a very honest approach. The vocals are done with an authentic and relaxing undertone. You can almost hear the ‘so what’ attitude of the guys in their style, and I love it.

And then there’s the video. Raising both eyebrows, I wasn’t exactly sure what to think about it, but having a closer look, I think it’s an absolute masterpiece. Why? First off, because it was a lot of hard work to realize, even if it might not look like it at a first glance. But what’s really important here is the effective delivery. If the song isn’t catchy enough already for ya, the pictures of the video will be sticking to you for a long time. This unbelievable laid back and hilarious moodset practically invites you to sing (and dance!) along.

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