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louderman – There’s a Northern Sky

This song embodies positive emotions.

The newest release of Canadian singer/songwriter louderman takes all the weight off your shoulders. No matter where you are, no matter what you have to carry with you – this tune will bring immediate relief for a couple of minutes. Backed by a senistive guitar along some extra strings, room synths and a very defensive rhythm section, the vocals are comforting your soul with this signature authentic vibe. Being about rising to the challenge when difficult times arrive, the track creates a safe surrounding to reflect, to step back and double-check your point of view. The pure and honest voice acts like a light beacon to guide you on the right positive path, counseling your mind and guiding you all the way to this uplifting positivity the chorus reflects (which for me feels like watching the sun rise).

louderman really is a storyteller with what he creates. These aren’t just some random stories though. These are taken from life and experience as far as I can tell, and they’re always connected to this uplifting spirit. In ‘There’s a Northern Sky’ you’ll find as much emotions as you’ll find notes.

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