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Himmelskinder – Wie es mal war

Futurepop in its purest form.

The new release of german producer duo Himmelskinder is futurepop in its purest form. With an energetic upbeat base, the message is delivered in a special youthful way that reaches out with intensity. Normally I would classify the feeling as ‘playful’, if only the lyrics wouldn’t have so much weight and meaning. So, let’s call it ‘serious playfulness’, shall we. There’s always this gorgeous chiptune-ish vibe present, indicating the songs’ heritage, it feels fresh and genuine. The versatile vocals change seamlessly between relaxed vibe and energetic outburst. The backing pulls a lot of tricks, mainly percussive klicks and one-shots, or these arpeggiated fat and saturated synth lines. If you listen closely, you’ll find tick-tacks, risers, and little metallic textures and so much more happening. Overall, the complete mix of ‘Wie es mal war’ is mindblowingly well balanced.

What I like most about this track though is the fact that the track itself is transformed through several stages. What starts calm and playfully melodic evolves into a pulsating atmosphere that finally bursts into expressive energy. This goes back and fourth, reflecting exactly the statement the lyrics dealt with all along: nothing is going to be the same.

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