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Hariz – I Got You

The sound of summer.

The new release of LA based multitalent Hariz injects a huge amount of warm summer vibe directly into your bloodstream. With a groovy base theme and some really unique percussive synths, the stage is all set for these flawless and soulful vocals. With an intelligent arrangement, the song hits the sweet spot regarding balance and energetic output. The used elements are playful and exotic, keeping this special excitement in the track from start to finish.

This sound isn’t just to move to though. It creates a warm fuzzy summernight feel where you don’t want the night to end because everything is so damn perfect. I love the fact that the track transmits this huge amount of feelgood moment. ‘I Got You’ will make you dance around whatever small room you are, it will give you confidence and a positive attitude. This tune is the reminder I needed to not give up on the plans of the summer vacation yet.

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