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Hopeful Sixteen – Reveler

Three words: Intense. Raw. Energy.

This track of Quebec based alt rock/metal band Hopeful Sixteen is not their newest release, but it for sure is one of their most energetic ones. From the first seconds on, there’s this raw, edgy techy energy released that seemed to be lurking in the shadows, only waiting to be freed. The edgy synths along the distorted guitars follow the driving beat and this pulsating bass. The sound feels like it’s pushing you into the void, while these thrilling vocals tell their story in a very confident and partly sassy way.

This track holds a couple of surprises. The video would be one of them. With borderline disturbing pictures that are always connected to the band, the video underlines the energy and the dark-ish character of the tune. The techy breaks and used elements keep an awesome balance between handmade and electro components which are merged seamlessly into the kickass anthem that is ‘Reveler’. And for all of you who got addicted to the sound, there’s even a Electro Remix available that was released recently.

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