Focus Your Audio – Shades

Once again, the guys of Focus Your Audio are delivering not only music but heart, soul and passion along the notes.

The Canadian duo Focus Your Audio reaches for your heart and soul with pure emotion and passion. They always did, and their newest release called ‘Shades’ is no exception. It has a very captivating appeal, blending a very soft and defensive backing seamlessly with the heartfelt and passionate vocals. The backing is kept quite minimal with mainly a guitar and a very defensive rhythm. This is really effective because it puts the focus on these addictive vocals while giving them all they need to shine like a diamond.

As the song progresses, there’s a certain kind of confidence rising, the expression of both vocals and backing slowly rises to give the track and the message more weight and meaning over time. This, along an ultra-well-polished mix (seriously guys – this is absolute pro work we’re talking about here), keeps the track exciting and happening in this playful but meaningful atmosphere at all times. If you pay attention, you can listen to the track mature, and in my opinion this is the core feeling that’s woven into the track from start to finish. There’s an evolution taking place, both for the emotional message and the music.

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Florian Maier

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