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Global Tones feat. Jadez – Breakdown

Can we find a way to save our souls?

There’s something very mature and genuine to find in these vocals. While the backing creates a very dark and almost disturbing atmosphere, the soft and dark vocals feel worn and tired of the story it’s about to tell. The used elements in the backing create that techy, cavern-ish sound that make you want to change something about it. It doesn’t feel like a happy place, and that’s the point exactly. The music project Global Tones managed to put weight and meaning behind the words, they back the message with a tonal surrounding that reflects exactly what it’s about.

That’s time for change. It’s as if the track would take one last attempt to spread the word before it’s too late. (And lets be honest for a sec – it IS almost too late. Maybe it already is.) Although ‘Breakdown’ lets me bow my head in silence, feeling both overwhelmed and guilty, I love the ultra-effective construct of the track. Both music and lyrics get you where it hurts, and that’s what was the intention after all. This tune doesn’t just carry a message – it IS the message.

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