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Glass Mansions – Faith

Electro pop to fall in love with.

The new release of the South Carolina based alt pop duo contains something really powerful. I guess it’s this driving genre-melting pop-rock vibe that really rips you out of your chair. The track combines harsh synth melodies with ultra-clean distorted guitar backings to create a slick and smooth razor-sharp atmosphere. In this scenery, the vocals of Jayna Doyle feel as if they were at home there. The voice blends perfectly, with a somewhat sassy passionate undertone the singer knows how to make the tune feel both oddworld-ish and somewhat familiar. The expressive melodies of both backing and vocals take the listener for a rollercoaster ride that won’t stop until the song is over.

Normally I like a track to have a balance between energy and relaxation, but this track restored my faith (pun intended) that there actually can be a balance even when the tune steps on the pedal from start to finish. Said rollercoaster ride seems to be a fitting picture, at first everything is overwhelming and thrilling, but once you got used to the scenery, it’s really addictive. Same here, you’ll miss it once its over. Solution: repeat mode.

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