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Bliss Army – Long Way Down

Electronic excitement that’s connected to emotion.

There’s a really awesome retro electro pop vibe happening in the new release of Stephen Konrads, better known as Bliss Army. The track surprises with a very warm and vintage processed synth backing along a defensive beat that is paving the way throughout the song, but not too energetic to disturb the sparkling electro glow of the tune. The soft and warm vocals feel quite at home in the soft electro backing.

There’s sort of a perfect balance between the human and the electro elements. The most obvious being the vocals and the backing, of course. But also the playful lightweight melodies, or the half static, half human percussive elements contain this balance where the human content completes the electronic components. I guess it’s this groovy oddworld-ish atmosphere that attracts me most with ‘Long Way Down’. Garnered with those extra tracks in the back that are so humbly placed that it’s easy to almost miss them if you don’t listen closely (like the additional processed vocal tracks), this track holds a special exciting component that always is attached to emotional weight.

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