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Vincent McDowell & Gorden – Shadows (Resurrected)

Flawless storytelling.

The irresistible element in the new release of producer/composer Vincent McDowell and his partner in crime Gorden are of course the vocals. Telling the story in a very sensitive and emotional way, they are backed by effect chains every now and then, to keep a spotlight focus on them. So much for the obvious part.

BUT if you listen closely to everything what’s happening in this track, you’re in for a treat. I love how this atmosphere was carefully constructed. There are vocal one-shots, bell-ish arpeggiated melodies, damped and reverbed orchestratic hits, defensive yet ultra-effective percussion elements, and synthscape textures to find in there. Every time you listen, you’ll find something new, even ancient chants from afar, making those spirits the lyrics are telling about come to life. Along a well-balanced and tone-rich mix, it’s very clear that the track was constructed with a ultra-high sense of detail. Don’t let the well-rounded playful final mix fool you, every detail in ‘Shadows (Resurrected)’ was carefully placed at the exact right spot to have a maxed effect within the tune. No wonder the result was this pristine, soft ballad.

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