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Silica – Wind-Up Doll

Feels like taken right out of the book of life.

The new release of American pop rockers Silica brings both emotion and energy to the table. With a fresh and unique approach, they created a next-generation rock track that spreads emotions in a very direct and effective way. While the guitars along the energetic drums create a very lightweight and dynamic song base, it’s the vocals that inject a very moving vibe into ‘Wind-Up Doll’.

The tune feels like it was taken right out of the book of life, the vibrant melodies along the emotional vocals are very authentic for me as a listener. While the lyrics are aiming to trigger feelings, the song never feels too melodramatic but honest and down-to-earth. With a perfect mixture of soft, defensive parts along energetic bursts of kickass rock, the tune keeps it’s tension and excitement at all times. The video along the track underlines this part vulnerable, part confident core feeling of the song perfectly with meaningful and effective pictures.

To sum it up: a) don’t ever treat anyone like a wind-up doll. b) put this track on repeat.

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Florian Maier

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