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Drawing Eights – Into October

A track that tells more than one story.

In a carefully constructed environment built by soft guitars and defensive synthscape textures, the listener is offered a huge load of feeling. While there’s tension added over time, the tune stays true to its soft and warm atmosphere. Even with the drums added and the guitars getting a bit more dominant in the tune, the listener is allowed to just let go of the daily stress, and to just float into the melodies.

I really like how the sound is evolving over the total running time. What starts ultra-soft matures into a more ‘rocking’ and energetic tune, even with violins added at a certain entry point to add this exciting classical emotional vibe. For me, ‘Into October’ has more to offer than meets the eye (or better: ear) the first time you hear it. If you listen closely, you’ll find all those seemingly tiny elements that are having a huge impact of the overall feel and intention of the song after all. The special way these single elements were arranged to a mood-loaded emotional track is an absolute thing of beauty.

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Florian Maier

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