Sean Waters and the Sunrise Genius – Easy Graces

Something to let your mind wander to.

This new release of Sean Waters & the Sunrise Genius feels like a walk in the woods on a warm sunny day, where you enjoy your surrounding with all your senses, thinking of long lost love which took places decades ago.

The soft approach builds a safe atmosphere. A soft and defensive backing wraps around the vocals like a blanket, the guitar melody is done playful and gives the voice enough room to shine like a diamond. While the song progresses there’s a certain groove added that always keeps the track playful and not melancholic or melodramatic. I like the concept of ‘Easy Graces’ being emotional but not too intense, being groovy but not too hectic or driving. Plus you can find several instruments and vocal tracks in there that weren’t placed there because the track needed them, they are merely an upgrade of the sound, making the track feel richer and more well-rounded. This is how to keep a track soft, emotional and exciting at the same time.

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Florian Maier

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