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Christiane Kinney – Earnestine

A track that stops time for a couple of minutes.

There’s a very special emotional vibe attached to this tune. I guess it’s this unbelievable amount of honesty that’s woven into the track. Backed by soft instruments and very melodic defensive melodies, the vocals let you have a glimpse of the heart and soul of the Californian singer/songwriter Christiane Kinney.

If there were no lyrics in this song, and all she did was ‘hmm hmm’, you would still know that this topic, the whole song is very dear to her. You cannot be THAT expressive when singing just any other song. To me it’s clear that ‘Earnestine’ has a deeper meaning to the skilled musician. The melodies, the lyrics, every detail in this tune aims to trigger feelings, and it really is successful in doing so. Listening to the newest release of Kinney, it felt like time slowed down. All of a sudden, there’s just this beautiful voice, in a warm, familiar atmosphere, like the story was told at a warm and cozy fireplace. This song feels like one of the stories you loved to hear from your grandparents as a kid back in the days.

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