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Cyan Kicks – Wish you Well

How to slap the message in their faces with intense energy.

Right from the first seconds of ‘Wish You Well’ on, there’s this huge amount of tension happening, and it’s present no matter if there are guitars or electro synths and vocal one-shots happening. The guitar/bass and drums combination creates a powerful and energetic base that’s completed with a mysterious reverbed synth room, giving the songs’ atmosphere a spacey glow.

And there they are, these ultra-direct vocals. While they are really defensive and innocent during the verse parts, you can listen to them pick up confidence to a point where you just cannot stop raising eyebrows due to the massive emotional energy attached to them. Singer Susanna Aleksandra does an awesome job to switch seamlessly between several states of vocal impact on both an emotional and energetic level, depending on what the backing creates.

The video coming along the song (available here) has a lot of nuances connected to both music and lyrics, you gotta love the versatility of a video telling you the story of both the music and the message of the song. Long story short, I guess the song can be broken down to one word: wow.

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Florian Maier

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