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Under the Gallows – I’ll Go Alone

This is exactly what happens after a breakup.

There’s a certain brutal honesty hidden in the recently released single ‘I’ll Go Alone’. Yes, this track is really slow. Yes, it oozes melancholy, and yes, it’s based on a heavy-hearted, dark-ish and depressing scenario. Yes, the vocals are done vulnerable, heartbroken and quite desperate.

But you know what? This is what makes the track really effective in my opinion. The guys of Under the Gallows didn’t create a sing-along-song, they created a feel-along song. I can relate to the feeling the song describes. I am aware that not every note of the vocals was hit perfectly, but for me that is kind of the the point here. The slow tempo, the desperate undertone, and the electric guitar in the back doing it’s thing all alone, all of these elements feel like they were born into this breakup-themed scenario. Every element in the song transmits the main concept of the track in a very honest and unfiltered way, you need chemistry and sensitivity for this. Don’t get me wrong, the guys of Under The Gallows can step on the pedal and deliver some kickass altrock whenever they feel like doing so, but with ‘I’ll Go Alone’ they proved they are great in delivering emotions as well.

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Florian Maier

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