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Every Living Soul – Terminal

This is way more than just another alt-rock track out there. This is made to last.

What starts soft, melodic and with a defensive backing, evolves into so much more than meets the eye (sorry, the ear). The emotional vocals start to blend in with several added elements like they were swimming in the backing tracks. Just when you thought you saw this moody atmosphere through, the tune has a little surprise for you.

Everyone loves surprises, and so do I. All of a sudden, as the track changes gears, providing an energetic and unexpected driven scenery, it’s goosebump time. Energetic, at parts almost desperate vocals, driving drum patterns along well-rounded guitar tracks that lay down a massive melodic base, all of them were waiting patiently in the shadows to break free when the time was right.

The versatile change between emotional and kickass of both backing and these outstanding vocals is not only a great signature move in the recently released track off the EP “Anonymous”, it’s also one of the things that people will remember once the track is over. I love that ‘Terminal’ feels like watching a great movie – there’s a full story being told through the song.

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