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This Modern – Better Off

Energetic melancholy at its best.

With a mysterious reverbed environment, the track starts off to take the listener for a ride. Driving rhythms with fast-paced percussive elements blend with calm and melodic synths to create a unusual oddworld-ish environment for the vocals. Those are done energetic and emotional, making the energy feelable during the chorus parts while being defensive and almost vulnerable during the verse parts.

Now, I admit I’m really not into autotune (my golden rule rule normally is: if you want me to skip the track, use autotune), for this track though this doesn’t weigh in too much. The tune knows how to impress with emotion an passion, delivering in a straightfoward manner. The approach of ‘Better Off’ is well-rounded with a balanced mix. During these uncertain times, this track expresses feelings and moodsets in an honest and outstanding way. There can never be enough honesty in music.

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