Uh Oh Jiminy – Blackeyed and Bulletproof

It’s the story of life, told by music.

I guess it’s the processed guitar that injects this vintage flavor in the first track taken off the EP ‘Uh Oh Jiminy’ released earlier this year. Or maybe it’s the melodic vocals as well. Whatever it is, this track feels both energetic and somewhat melancholic. It takes me back to the time where I myself thought of me as bulletproof – until I got blackeyed.

What starts pretty calm with a methodical base finds its way through the speakers with a driving rhythm and emotional vocals as it progresses. These vocals are calm at first but step on the pedal energy-wise over time. There’a a certain vintage melancholy hidden there for me (we all know this certain ‘THOSE were the times’-feel, don’t we), but connected to an uplifting undertone. The guitars are laying down this playful atmosphere for the vocals to just do their passionate thing. Overall, ‘Blackeed and Bulletproof’ is a very honest and, in my opinion, a very mature alt rock piece containing more than just the notes.

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Florian Maier

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