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Thomas Bradley Project – For You

This is what music is all about, folks. Can you feel it?

Done with a very high sense of how to deliver an emotional impact, this slow ballad of the Thomas Bradley Project hits the mark when it comes to transmitting feelings. The approach of all the songs of the band couldn’t be more honest, they just do what they do, and they don’t try to sell it with high-end effects, hi-res pictures or loads of audio processing chains. Watching the video, you will notice that they are here for the music, not the show. What every of these skilled musicians do is real, it’s feelable.

‘For You’ is a very sensitive ballad, and it’s performed in a way to maximise the impact on an emotional level. The backing evolves slowly around the calm and warm vocals, with several instruments being added over time to give the track meaning and substance. For me, this feels more like awesome storytelling than ‘just’ a playing a song. Harmonized vocals are blending in with fingerpicked guitars and a defensive percussion (which later transforms into a full-blown drumset backing)… but the hidden gem in this tune would be the violin part. After the honest and mood-packed vocals paved the way, its the violin that aims for the heart in the end. The ability of reaching out beyond the notes is the beauty of music, and ‘For You’ is a perfect example for proving that statement.

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