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Fast Friends – We Broke The World

Now it’s out for blood.

Did you ever reach this point where you knew without a doubt that what you just did went horribly wrong? This moment when you realized that what you tried to do all the time, and what you actually achieved, were so unbelievably different things that in a way it gets desperately hilarious? Well, if you did, the new release of Fast Friends is the perfect hymn for y’all.

I love this tune. Not necessarily because the sound is the best I ever heard, it’s more about the idea and the feeling its connected with. With a carefree and tragic-funny approach, the song is delivered with this what-the-hell attitude that really couldn’t be more effective in my opinion. Don’t let the appeal fool you though, the guys of Fast Friends knew exactly what they were doing. And since the song idea itself exists since 2018, they knew that this baby has a ton of momentum. You can pratically transpose the tragic-funny message to any other situation in human history or to any regular Joe’s life out there. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the hymn of the working class hero.

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