Rosalie – Fool’s Gold (Acoustic)

Fresh, unique and exciting.

Done as a cover of the electro pop song ‘Fool’s Gold’ , this new release of Nashville based singer/songwriter Rosalie takes the main theme of the original and transforms it into an ultra-effective ballad. Backed by an ultra-wide reverbed synth atmosphere, the stage is almost set for these crystalline and mysterious vocals. With a playful guitar pattern and some minimal percussion elements, the song feels adventurous, with that special deep space vibe attached.

The vocals really are unique. They are feeling part fragile and part curious, as if they wanted to tell the listener a secret. Due to the roomy setting this song glows like a modern-day fairytale. Needless to say that, although the base concept of the track is the same, the song doesn’t really have much in common with the original pop track anymore. And that’s where the beauty of ‘Fool’s Gold’ really lies – the versatility of the main theme, the original idea being transformed not only into one but two outstanding tracks.

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