SaffeK – All Too Human

I wouldn’t even dare to name a single genre for this track.

The mix of different moods and different playing styles is really unique in the title track taken off the EP ‘All Too Human’. What got my attention was the merging of several instruments that normally aren’t supposed to be merged. The alt rock band SaffeK did an extraordinary job in creating something unique. We’re talking grungy guitars and playful, almost chiptune-ish synths here, just to name an example. The track creates a really unique atmosphere through the blend of different settings.

SaffeK created a highly energetic and versatile piece with this track. There’s this raw and edgy grunge theme happening – as well as a lightweight playful melodic synth pop theme – as well as a laid back emotional base concept. I have no idea in which direction the song was supposed to go, but that’s exactly the beauty of ‘All Too Human’. The torn snippets that somehow blend together into one track actually builds a replica of the torn state of mind in all of us. This is human emotion expressed through music 101, folks.

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