The Great Dictators – Riot on a Diet

I guess this tune could be described as ‘intimate excitement’.

Slow, relaxing, and enriched with an awesome amount of retro feeling pop, this track taken off the recently released album ‘One Eye Opener’ takes its time to evolve in this shallow reverbed environment. While the minimal bass surprisingly is a sufficient base for the lush and texture-rich vocals, it’s all the extras in the song that caught my attention.

You can find arpeggiated synth lines in many forms in there, as well as one-shots, harmonized extra vocals, bell-ish melodies, guitar tunes, crackling percussive elements… this environment is carefully constructed to feel as exciting as possible while at the same time keeping this vintage pop feel. It’s awesome how ‘Riot on a Diet’ takes its time yet still is able to build an intense breathing and grooving atmosphere in the process.

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Florian Maier

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