Jake Pinto – Sit and Listen

One word: groove.

This track initiates both a goodfeel moment and the urgent need to move. The rhythm feels really loaded with groove, while the vocals contain this uplifting and carefree flavour. (If you listen closely, you can almost hear the guy smile while singing.) The bassline feels really fresh and jumpy, you’ll find a whole bunch of unexpected backing tracks, and the cumulation of it all towards the end feels really alive and kickin’. Plus you just can’t sit still while listening to the tune.

‘Sit and Listen’ feels like therapy these times. While everyone is drowning in problems, we need these positive vibes to remind us to just feel good for a sec. The music even contains somewhat ‘sassy’ elements, like in-your-face drumrolls or the shouting choir towards the end – it’s as if Jake Pinto wanted to send out a friendly reminder to not be that serious all the time by swinging us this satirical note about relationships.

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Florian Maier

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