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Dani Rosenoer – Hallucinations

This track is the perfect example on how to pack “what the…?!” moments into a song. The feel of the track is so genuine it gets you goosebumps.

Taken from the EP “Wildlife”, this track is one of four in which Rosenoer combined his unique style elements to part-handmade, part automated signature tracks.  You just got to love the mixture of those several synths which seem to do sort of a “tribal dance” with the main piano while the track progresses. It’s very easy to imagine the musician sitting on stage doing his magic while the listeners are caught in between groove and “how-does-he-do-that”-disbelief of what’s happening right now.
Probably my favourite thing in “Hallucinations” is the mixture of this slightly distorted vintage synth with the piano. The drums kick in as an element to add a huge amount of drive, while there’s also tension through the tight piano play style, which is done both energetic and pressing at the right moments. Also, the canadian artist does this awesome “cut back” to get the track geared down. As soon as your mind thinks “okay, lets relax then!” the tension rises again. As the title says, for me this is like the music equivalent to an hallucination, as soon as you get comfortable with what you see, it’s gone. You know, the afore mentioned “what the…?” moment. I can almost see Rosenoer with a grin on his face while he changes pace and setting of the song.

“Hallucinations” is raw, but it’s intense. This is real music, you know. It originates not only from a sheet, but from within the mind. You can’t write down this sort of intensity and passion which is transmitted through those hacked piano melodies, the vintage distorted synth and the driving beat. I prefer this kind of skilful playing over any type of tempo synched, quantized auto-tuned and -pitched chart one-hit wonder.

Rosenoer doesn’t stop with just his solo project, but is working another project called “Lani + Dani“, where he did a passionate pop duet with his fiancée Alanna Marie Nish, called “More Love“.  Creative mind alert, folks. Couple-style. With those two working on their first EP right now, I foresee great things to come for them, because now there are TWO creative minds at work. Doesn’t get better than this.

Dani Rosenoer on soundcloud
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