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Everlyne – Not My Fault

Damn, I’d love to see those guys live.

The amount of energy transmitted through the music is plain awesome. The guitar and bass along the guitar creates a full and rich base for the vocals. Those vocals are done in this signature cocky fashion, making them fresh and lightweight yet intense and emotional. The interaction between backing tracks and vocals is perfect and even amplified through the flawless mixing work. The mix of this track is a thing of beauty. It feels warm and well-rounded throughout all the single tracks. This clearly wasn’t done in a couple of minutes.

Overall, ‘Not My Fault’ creates a fast-paced, highly energetic environment for the listener to just start moving to. This is pop rock done the right way. It’s not something you never heard before, but it feels fresh, somewhat sassy and carefree. I don’t know about you guys out there, but I need this – let’s call it – fresh wind in times like these more than ever.

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