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The Bloody Mallard – Ceremonious Synapses (ii)

The new release of the Bloody Mallard tells the story like a book called ‘The Essence of Alt Rock’.

First off: today I added a new item on my bucket list. It reads ‘play a session with ‘The Bloody Mallard’ ‘. As a musician, I was amazed about the intensity of this track right away. Don’t let the slow tempo or the minimal intro fool you, the instruments are just the tools to let the sound evolve into a meaningful essential alt rock tune over time. In a somewhat krautrock-ish fashion, the single elements in the track blend pretty much like a chemical reaction into a giant energetic cumulation. Like a good wine, the sound needs time to develop a certain raw rock flavor. But once it does, you want to have the whole bottle.

Lets have a quick look at the instruments. For me as a drummer, I love those intelligent changes in pace and pattern happening with the drums. They add an underrated amount of tension to the tune, while the bass line changes between this almost hypnotic linear pattern and a highly skilled lightweight melodic progression to serve as the perfect base for the guitar which is held back at some passages to serve rather as the beacon of sound, creating a laid back groove that gives the track a well-rounded, warm feel.

The guys of The Bloody Mallard have an awesome chemistry when playing. This chemistry cannot be bought or taught, it’s simply there, or it isn’t. ‘Ceremonius Synapses (ii)’ is a perfect showcase of how music can blend different minds into one.

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