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Tall Kingdom – The Thief

With a fresh and innovative percussive setting, the new release of Tall Kingdom introduces a laid back electro groove.

With some retro styled synths and vocal one-shots, the tune takes you away to a relaxing environment that blends several genres into one big sea of grooving sound. The main theme in ‘The Thief’ always stays intact, while the scenery is able to change seamlessly. Plus, this awesome groove makes you slightly nod your head along the steady and methodical beat.

What makes this track so attractive for me is the environment the sound builds. Imagine a completely empty room, in which there are new elements introduced constantly. This creates a sound room which never stays the same, feeling fresh and innovative without completely changing the main concept. The scenery you are invited in as the listener feels very warm and soft, while at the same time has this mysterious glow attached. It’s both electro and handmade, and it just feels great to exist in.

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Florian Maier

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