The Beths – Dying To Believe

I love this fresh and lightweight side of things served as a side dish with this release.

The Auckland, NZ based alt rockers ‘The Beths’ did really manage to rip me out of the usual daily routine today. With an highly energetic drum, bass and guitar backing, their newest release sets the pace for a trip to the fun part of a town named Altrockville. While the sound feels fresh and lightweight, its also the perfect base for these addictive vocals of Elizabeth Stokes, which feel honest, soft and emotional (but not in a melancholic way).

Whoever had a doubt those guys are fun, the video clearly shows their ability to not take themselves so damn seriously like a lot of other musicians out there. But they also don’t take their work too easy as well, the video and the track itself clearly show that there was a lot of work involved, from concept to released song. Don’t forget that things always look easier than they actually are. There’s a ton of work and manpower behind every note (or picture, regarding the video). While the video carefully puts those laughs out there, the song is carefully composed to make it stick to your head immediately and even makes you sing along in no time. (boy, it really does, believe me.)

Long story short: This tune might as well be the everyday anthem of the working class hero.

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