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This Boy – Matalo

The blends in the newest release of This Boy are pure awesomeness.

There are so much elements merged in the new release of the multitalents from Denmark as if they just took a box, threw in all those elements and just shook the thing for a couple of minutes, and out came this track. Where to begin… what about the several vocals used in there. There are several languages in there, giving the track a sort of exotic glow. Also, those backing tracks contain several synth and guitar elements that merge futuristic styles with handmade, almost mariachi tunes in the most awesome way I heard.

It all comes down to this: in ‘Matalo’ everything falls in place. This either was a lucky accident (which I really really doubt), or it was a carefully selected, in countless hours of work assembled tune that feels like a menu of sound: there’s groove, laid back warm vibe, danceable melodies along smashing energetic bass lines. The tune contains flowy melodies along fast bass bases and emotional vocals. Please, please don’t ask me to name a genre for this awesome tune.

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