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hwksnest – SchematicS

I give this to you, the new release of canadian multitalent hwksnest might not be the best finalized mix you ever heard in music. It’s a tiny bit rough around the edges. It has that raw feel. But you know what? In my opinion this needs to be exactly this way. And here’s why.

There’s this awesome dark void feeling created through this low end bass tracks along the guitars and the really passionate and threatening vocals. All of the used elements build a dark, depressing scenery which lets the temperature drop several degrees. Although the single tracks are rough around the edges and the track isn’t filled with dozens of filler tracks to give the track a well-rounded approach, the message is transmitted with an intensity I’m missing a lot in other productions these days. The rhyythm tracks add some edgy, sharp percussive elements while the vocals fire the lyrics in a calm yet ultra-effective way.

Long story short: I believe what I’m hearing. And if that happens, I’m an instant fan. This is no-shenanigans music. No strings attached. It shows. This isn’t a script, it comes from the soul.

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