Night House – New Year’s Prayer

This track holds a certain ‘vintage melancholy’ for me.

The slow approach of the sound creates a very soft groove with the laid back rhythm section, while the melodic synth and epiano tracks inject a warm, somewhat fuzzy retro vibe into the scenery. The vocals are done soft and somewhat vulnerable, which builds this core melancholy that both makes you think, and it keeps telling you that after all is set and done, it’s okay the way it is. As the track progresses, theres more and more uplifting vibe woven into the sound with additional instrument and percussive tracks.

‘New Year’s Prayer’ takes its time to tell the story, which is plain awesome. During these hectic and uncertain times it’s a relief to have songs like this one out there, to ease your pain and to bring some relaxing and soothing moments. Taken from the recently released album ‘Everyone Is Watching From Afar’ (although its the remastered version from the 2014 original), this track manages to calm me down, enabling me to focus on the melodies and the slight constant groove. And to see the brightness out there.

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Florian Maier

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