Tourist Club – The Now

The new release of Paul and J. P. Rose, better known as Tourist Club, knows how to slowly groove in style.

Melodic backings along soft and emotional vocals pave the way for the energetic yet calm synth anthem part at the chorus. I really like how ‘The Now’ takes its time to build the scenery it exists in. This is not a fast-paced, ultra energetic anthem blasting away it’s essence. The backing is built slowly and methodical, the risers are defensive yet effective, and the chorus has this ‘wow’ effect built in with just the intelligent usage of synth tracks and crisp vocal output. The mixing work on this tune clearly shows that it wasn’t done in a hurry. The single tracks are well-rounded and finetuned to a level where they blend in a warm, soft and feelable way. The vocals do their part to give the track it’s dreamy glow, they are done honest and soft yet distinct, and when they are doubled/harmonized, they are injecting this special ‘feels like home’ vibe.

All in all, this tune is a dreamy multitalent. This is music to close your eyes to, to relax to, or even to dance with your loved one.

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Florian Maier

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