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Analogstøy – Pulsator 2 (Original Mix)

Somewhere between chill, electro and deep space.

The intro kind of tricked me. I did expect to listen to a dark, heavy melancholic track. I didn’t expect the tune to be so lightweight, flowing and energetic. This one felt like an awesome three minute journey through our solar system.

After checking out “Voyager 1“, another track of  Analogstøy the other night. I got curious, so I checked out the other works of the norwegian artist. Labeling himself as “an melodic ambient and electronic artist”, the producer makes use of ambient settings and sharp synths in most of his tracks. For “Pulsator 2” he starts of with a deep, thick bass line synth, but then lifts that track right off the ground with several high synth lines and a energetic percussion setting. You won’t find the usual fat drums here, and that’s one of the points why I think this is an outstanding track. We all got a bit too used to be given the beat and the bpm alongside any track, right. When placing the beat so defensively that it does the trick of guiding through the track but leaving the stage to those synths and effects, THAT’s where it gets interesting.

Let me put it this way, while driving in your car, you know the motor is running because… well, it “wroooms” constantly. Our brain tries to get rid of this sound by focusing on other things: other cars, the landscape, music from the radio, you name it. In this case, the beat would be our “wrooom”, and Analogstøy does a masterful job at giving us anything else interesting to focus on. With those roomy reverbed synth lines it sort of feels like flying through outer space along with those ultra-high pitched melodies. He shows us ways to just forget about the analysis of the song and to float in the melodies. For once, the main concept of drum-and-bass is replaced by merging several melodie tracks together, and I love it. The best part is that you can hear the norwegian producer is experimenting and trying new things while having fun with the merging process. It never feels constructed, linear or like “well, I’m gonna stretch that same part for two minutes”. Downside of this would be that some notes are not quantized along the track. But, being a producer myself, I found myself asking: “is this REALLY a downside in nowadays music?”

Analogstøy has an unusual approach and surely a signature style with his music. What surely raises eyebrows along the mainstage dancehall lovers out there, bows my head in respectful silence. This is where out-of-the-box-producing starts. You can feel his kind of music.

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Florian Maier

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