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Limón Limón – Routine

I love it when a song actually has more charisma than the average human on the streets.

With a very methodical approach, the newest release of LA based duo Limón Limón is designed to bring that special futuristic, sparkling disco vibe to the table. The steady beat along the guitar backing creates a really clean and crisp stage for the vocals. Those are done with the exact right amount of clean mix and melody, so to speak. Processed in this special way to give them a polished feel, they are still warm and human enough to not feel misplaced in the song. They feel a tiny bit phased, but still human in an awesome and extraordinary style. (By the way, this is a signature style element of Limón Limón.)

Listening to ‘Routine’ makes my nod my head instantly, this track feels like summer at the beach. Along synth melodies and a saturated bass line (also a signature style element of the guys) the track seems to spread little disco-ish sparkles of uplifting spirit into these dark times. There’s a certain vintage vibe added to the futuristic pop elements, and done in this calm and methodical way, the track itself feels very relaxed and laid back. As if the track would say ‘I’m not trying to be something else, it’s just me. I’m groove.’

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Florian Maier

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