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Secret Cameras – The Silence

Check out the atmosphere in this one.

The backing on the new release of London based electro rockers Secret Cameras is plain awesome. The track builds an awesome scenery with mysterious sparkling synth lines along driving drum patterns and energetic guitar melodies. And to top all of this, there’s this passionate voice.

The vocals in ‘The Silence’ are done with an outstanding melancholic energy which isn’t really heavy-hearted, but dark-ish and attached to a somewhat sad yet uplifting vibe. (yes, I didn’t know those two adjectives could be merged into one either, but this is what makes the sound so awesome.) The base melancholy of the vocals is blended perfectly into the energetic backing, creating a new feeling in the process that can best be described as ‘running through the night’ vibe. I love the fact that the music takes you along to this journey without leaving the choice up to you, the well-rounded music just takes the lead. This track knows exactly how to transmit emotion and passion in the eact amount to have full effect.

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