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Seven Spies – Chameleon

Time to get your dirt gear on.

The London based three-piece band Seven Spies recently got out an edgy, raw sound with ‘Chameleon’. Drums with a special in-your-face attitude along those distorted warm yet somewhat brute guitar tracks build the foundation for the honest and kickin’ vocals.

This tune seems to slow down time, simply because it takes time to deliver. There’s no hectic in there, no fast-paced rhythm. Not rushing anything, the tune gives you bubbly and innovative bass lines during the verse parts, luring you into the next energy burst during the chorus. The vocals inject this special mysterious dark atmospheric vibe, while the fluttering effects of the guitar tracks bring even more dirty yet awesome elements to the table. (That’s why I told you to put on the dirt gear.) ‘Chameleon’ feels really honest, originating from the core. I think I just found my new driving-to-work anthem. This track transforms ME into a chameleon, making me feel different (and probably bigger and better than I actually am). There you have it, guys: the secret ingredient for any track. It’s all about the feeling it’s able to transmit.

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