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妖精帝國 – Autoscopy

Attention folks: this might be the ride of your life.

I admit it, this tune is not the based in the genres I am writing about usually. But it’s the coolest blend of styles and cultural influences I heard in a long time. And, for those of you who know me, I am really into exciting new things out there to find music. And boy, THIS is new even to me.

Have you ever stepped down on the pedal to see how fast your car can go on the highway? Imagine the fastest you ever went, and multiply this times four. This is about the energy and speed you can expect from ‘Autoscopy’. The track taken off the newly released album ‘the age of villains‘ of the japanese band 妖精帝國 also known as Yousei Teikoku or ‘Das Feenreich’ puts a new high to the energy output measureable.

Of course I heard metal track concepts like this before, but whats new to me is the crystalline vocals along several synth constructs that blend in so well you won’t think of them as a foreign object in the mix. The band takes you for a ride so fast and energetic that you are just ripped out of your chair while listening. The guitar solos are spinning around you in an ultra-fast fashion, and then again there are dungeon-esque choir backing elements floating around you. The pace and adrenaline level output are equal to fighting the fight of your life, while the environment feels partly like a video game. Although this track leads my out of my comfort zone, it opens the door to another genre-fluent area that leaves me with an evil smile.

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