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Debbie Chou – December

Taken off the newly released EP ‘The End of Our Time’, this track contains a really intense amount of melancholy.

Backed by a melodic and quite defensive piano and defensive additional instruments, the stage is all set for those emotional vocals of Chou. The tale of the song is told in a heavy-hearted atmosphere, the melodies take their time with a slow approach. These awesome vocals of Chou contain so much emotion and passion that it’s imposible to ‘just’ listen to the music without actually feeling it.

It’s strange how the track caught me off guard. The emotional approach hit me quite unexpected. I don’t know if its this lonely scenery in this void that happens during the first half, maybe its the special tone that Chou has in her voice which really feels front-row and believable, or maybe its this slow, methodical almost waltz-ish concept that makes you slowly move to the tune – there’s a certain special ingredient in ‘December’ that triggers feelings big time. So turn off the TV and the cell phone, put on those closed headphones and let this moody track abduct you into this awesome scenery.

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